Are you ready to join an organized gaming team? Ready to earn some frags or go for an ace? Well you came to the right place.

- About Us

An online gaming community that's been around for more than 15 years welcomes anyone with open arms who would love to stream, play games, or just have fun on our discord.

What We Do


We live to game. We play a large variety of games from board games to card games to video games. We're playing everything.


It's the Digital Age and streaming is a big thing. Come watch us stream and play with our viewers and teammates in various games.


Not everyone on Team Sky Nite play games. We have a couple of folks who have performed and recorded music under our Team.


Looking to have a team to sponsor you or to kick-start your gaming career? Team Sky Nite will be able to partner up to help start off your career with gear and other cool things.


Esports is our number 2 goal in mind and we are willing to participate in many different events.


We have hosted a couple of tournaments in a couple of games but we are planning an amateur league so aspiring and upcoming gamers can compete together.