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Visit the best and friendliness clan in Lineage 2 Revolution

DjKniteX / Nov 26, 2017 / Gaming
L2R has just been recently released and has already reached 2 million downloads. The game as most mobile mmorpgs is a pay to win, auto-play game but that doesn't stop most people. The game has interesting features especially with their main focus on clans with their crazy 30v30, castle siege pvp modes. Aside from that, we're the self proclaimed "Best and Friendliness F2P Clan on the Global Server." We're not pay to win but we won't stop you from doing that but we are just having fun. We have just started our clan TeamSkyNite (For anyone who is playing on Windawood 4) and have already reached Rank 409 from 2000. We're pretty active and hope to see you guys in-game.

Do your dailies!

Avaiable now on Google Play and the iOS Apple Store. We play on the North America I/Windawood 4 server.

There's already 9 of us and we need to have 15 to do some clan wars yo!
Here's us hitting rank 409 as of last night!

And us going in for the clan dungeon boss. This is some crazy stuff. Auto-Battle won't save you!


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