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Retrospective: Phantasy Star Online

DjKniteX / May 11, 2017 / Gaming
So I wrote this article almost a year ago when we started playing PSO again. We tend to play this like once a year because of the nostalgia feeling we get, so it's almost that time again when we're probably going to play again. Anyways, I just copied and pasted the article and I hope you guys go back in time with us.


Phantasy Star Online. A PC (Originally on Consoles) Online RPG where you fight monsters across many different areas and grind to look for special rare items that will make your character stronger. The players start off in space and travel down to Ragol to investigate a mysterious explosion. Many of you have probably heard about it, many of you have played it, but this game was the game that brought Team Sky Nite together. It was the first game that many of us was able to spend countless Saturday nights on one TV rather than having to wait until we're all on a computer to play together. Ever since Dj Knite X (Galago in-game) discovered an ad about PSO Ver 2. for Dreamcast in a gaming magazine, he knew that PSO would be the next game. It wasn't until his 12th Birthday, that he was able to get Episode 1 and 2 for the Gamecube and that's when it all started.

2004-2011 has been the craziest years for PSO. Many of tSn players played on Schthack for the longest time from PSO PC until the death of one of the biggest PSOBB Servers out there. Few of the clan members were lucky enough to experience the original Dreamcast feel by playing on that server as it was one of the few servers that supported Dreamcast. A handful of tSn players that played PSO has made their way back into the realms of Ragol.

Dj Knite X discovered various PSO BB servers but can never find that spark that the team once had. He played on Ultima and Schthack (reboot) but both servers have never been the same. He discovered Ephinea PSO BB which aims to be the closest to how the real servers worked. Better yet, no hackers or cheaters on it. Ephinea offers pretty much everything Sega PSO BB had, unlockable quests, events, and a working Team system. They added new features such as sandbox mode and voice chat. One of the greatest things to make its way to PSO BB is the option to have a custom HUD. While all the extras are optional, Team Sky Nite has  been playing PSO BB like it was their baby again.

Dj Knite X was streaming and had 8 viewers which some of them were known in the PSO Community and even the Server Admin joined in on the fun. The team met new friends and have been slowly bringing back the clan to play the game they once grew up on. Come join us on the Ephinea Server @ We hope to see you guys there. Below is a video of what we were doing and be expect to see more! Also join the live streams @ and



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