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Starcraft Remasterd, upcoming BW team, and new tournament!

DjKniteX / Apr 01, 2017
Brood War is making a comeback!

Brood War has always been my passion, I followed Brood War and SC2 religiously but I haven't much lately because SC2 has been really bland to me, but when they announced the remastered version I just had to do this. I'm bringing this back.

I'm going to re-open a Brood War division where we will compete, hangout, and play/learn new strats together.

I'm going to host a Brood War Tournament this summer for cash prizes as well as the chance to win a copy of SC:R. So stay tuned for that. I haven't hosted a BW tournament since 2015 so I'm pretty excited for this. Gotta re-learn everything but it will be worth it.

And for that, I released a "My Starcraft Story"

- Dj Knite X -


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