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New Division, New Updates, and new stuff

DjKniteX / Feb 04, 2017
Dj Knite X is releasing his long awaited mixtape, My Mind is Made Up at the end of the month. The podcasts is being put on hold.

tSn.TCG is making a comeback in the local scene with two of the players playing in their respective TCG competitively. Lucky aka L-stAR is playing Yu-Gi-Oh competitively while Nikki aka Dj Knite X is playing Magic and Pokemon.

We're working on new t-shirt designs and will be doing test pressings to see how they look.

We're getting into the mobile gaming scene as well playing games such as Clash of Clans, Clash Royale, Sword Art Online: Memory Defrag and the new Fire Emblems. If you guys are playing hit us up!

Expect some cool events coming this year!


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