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tSn Guild Wars 2 Recruitment Campaign

DjKniteX / Nov 28, 2016 / Gaming
Team Sky Nite has been an online gaming community since it's formation before eSports. tSn started their first clan in games such as Diablo 2 and Phantasy Star Online. Now the team is taking their shift into GW2 which is now Free to Play and starting our movement into the free gaming mmorpg world. We have recently gotten new members to join our guild online on the Gates of Madness and we are looking for more!

Style: PvE (PvP/WvW if we wanted to do something new)
Leader: Ronove Berkanstel
Server: Gates of Madness

If you guys are interested please send us a message via in-game or PM here on the site!

Looking to seeing you guys online and raiding.

If we can get a good enough guild in December, we will start our first giveaway!


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