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Venturing into eSports and recruiting team members!

DjKniteX / Nov 10, 2016 / Gaming
*Picture credited to Red Bull

tSn has had an eSports division but it declined later in the years due to personal and school conflicts. Recently, after establishing this website and looking at the rise of eSports, we plan on bringing that back. We are still a gaming guild/community and hosting some of our talented artists on our team. We still sponsor events and hope to bring some more this year. Let's make 2017 our year guys!

Team Members Recruiting!

I am looking for someone to help me run this organization from hosting events to recruiting players, being an assistant of mine with pay per project finished. It's not going to be much so please see this as a super part time position. Benefits includes besides the pay, being on a cool team and start up, and your own tSn shirt!

General Knowledge of eSports (specialties are welcomed!)
previous job experience is a plus
general education is a plus

contact by posting here or email @


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