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[Pinned] tSn August Brood War Brawl - A chance to win a copy of SC:Remastered!

*placeholder text*Date: TBAPrizepool: $50 1. $25 + SC:Remastered2. $153/4: $5Sign-Up Link:
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Mobile Games

[Pinned] Games we're playing

So far we have a guild on Clash of Clans and Vainglory but we're looking to push that to other mobile games where we can work together and be the best.Just check out Team Sky Nite on either games and join us!
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Which MMORPGS are you playing?

I'm currently gaming Guild Wars 2 and Runescape atm.Is anyone playing any of the big picture ones? (AAA, such as WoW or FFXIV)or hidden gems?
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General Discussion

New e-Sports Team In Arkansas

Hi, I'm a student at Fordyce HS. We are in the process of starting an e-Sports team! As far as I know, we will play League of Legends and Rocket League. We may broaden or game selection in the future, but for now, these are it.
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General Discussion


Welcome to the forums!If you're new here, add a post introducing yourself to the community :)
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The Inn

Hey whats up?

Hey whats up guys?
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