Sky Nite Hero Cup #2

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Individual Voices – Music Video!

Individual Voices – Music Video Coming Soon

Dj Knite X and Tinh representing Team Sky Nite

Dj Knite X and Tinh representing Team Sky Nite

Welcome Shoko!

Welcome Shoko, short for ShokatsuyouKomei is a youtube cover artist/collaborator who specializes in Jpop/Vocaloid/Japanese anything really. We would like to add her to the tSn Music Family expanding our horizons to more than just hip hop. She has collaborated with Artists such as Dj Knite X and The MSG KID already on “Dango Daikazoku” which can be found here!

She will debut on her own collection of songs as well as the upcoming tSn Compliation disc. Anyways, hopefully you guys will like her and here are some of the links you can check out!

Welcome, tSn.Shoko!



Phantasy Star Online


Welcome to the Ultima Server

Welcome to ULTIMAPSOBB! Check it out @

Created a team!


Team Sky Nite Presents: Dj Knite X – Forgive and Forget – RELEASED NOW!

Sup guys, I hope you are ready for the summer EP written by Dj Knite X featuring many artists and producers. (dprcoco, Wondae, elyonbeats, Haru, Shoko, The MSG KID and more!)

Click on the picture to go straight to the EP or visit this link!

Hope you guys like Jazz-Hip Hop :D


New Singles from Dj Knite X’s Summer EP “Forgive and Forget”

Check out some of latest tracks from the upcoming EP “Forgive and Forget”

Full release: June 24th, 2014 @

2014 Sky Nite Hero Cup #1 and #2 news!

 Winner:  AutSn.UCIAMYY4U (Druid/Warlock)

We had 9 people show up, 2 whom were representing Team Sky Nite battled it out for the first place prize of an Amazon Gift Card ($6). This was the first of the few qualifying tournaments for the big leagues. Players will battle for points which will seed them directly into the main tournament where they will play for a bigger prize pool. 21 players were expected to show but 9 players checked in. It was a 4 round swiss battleground whre UCIAMYY4U went and took it with a 4-0 score.


Top 3 saw 2 players from Team Sky Nite. DonGato who got 2nd place with a 3-1 score who lost to the champion could have seen the first place spot. While these top 3 players have gotten points for qualifying they will be seen at the next Hero Cup to be hosted by Team Sky Nite. There were late people showing up (2) but they were added into the brackets about 30 minutes of start time. The Hero Cups will be more relaxed and easy to work with than other tournaments so people wouldn’t have to feel stressed out. All the cups will be played in Swiss so everyone will have a chance to win and play. (And not have to worry about losing in the first round)



Sky Nite Hero Cup #2 will be the same as the first one with swiss rounds to a playoff bracket (If we see more than 16 players) to battle it out for the top 4 spots to win some money and points.

2014 Sky Nite Hero Cup #2? Maybe in the coming months with a $50 prizepool! Free to Enter! Hope to see you guys soon!

Discuss this on the forums here!

Current Line-Up for Hearthstone and First tournament!


Hello guys, I would like to introduce to you guys our current roster for the 2014 season (June 2014-May 2015)

Members: (Hearthstone Team)
Us Nikki “Dj Knite X” Xaysanasy – Founder/Manager
Kr Boyoung “Boyounger” Kim
Ba1 Kirsch “Skyryuu” Mackey – Deck Specialist
Au Jeffrey “UCIAMYY4U” Sutton
Us Cain “Kaiba” Ennis
Us Quintin “MajinRook” Ludwick
Us Kaleb “Ozshotz” Osborn

And now introducing our first tournament! More rules and info here! NA SERVER ONLY!
64 players will duke it out in a 5 round swiss format for the winner to take home a $6 Amazon Gift Card.

All tSn events (Including this one) All the members will have a reserved spot, if they don’t show up or play, the spot will be open.

Please Check in and discuss @

Talk about the event here!


Last weekend was a good tournament run.

Only a couple people from tSn as well as some friends competed in these online tournaments, most notably was the Zotac Cup 18 and the ESL Cup 33. What’s different about these online tournaments? Well both were the only N A tournaments that will grant a seed to the Blizzard World Championship Qualifiers and only 2 people can be accepted. Famous streamers and players will also present in these tournaments such as players from vVv gaming and even Reynad was playing. The tournaments were lots of fun and some of us were able to get past the first round. The first tournament Friday was the Zowie NA Rumble #1 which was a Starcraft 2 tournament which Dj Knite X participated in and lost in the RO32 to a Grandmaster Protoss 0-2. The second tournament was Saturday where Dj Knite X got a free win in the first round and pushed his way through the 2nd round 2-1 and eventually lost in the 3rd round (Ro64) 0-2 to a miracle rogue deck, claming top 64 out of 490 people who competed Saturday. zotac   The next tournament is the ESL Pre-Cup 33. Not a good run, but 490 people also participated and Dj Knite X lost in the first round (RO512) 0-2. esl   And today, Monday was the Top Deck tournament featuring about 40 players playing for 5$. Both Dj Knite X and Skyryuu both competed with Skyryuu advancing alot farther than Dj Knite X. Dj Knite X lost in the first round (64) 1-2 and Skyruu lost in the 3rd round (Ro32) losing to a Japanese player going 1-2 in the series. These were some fun tournaments and will continue to do more soon and become pro. binarybeast


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